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NIOS is a concept of an open school that offers educational qualifications to a heterogeneous group of learners up to the pre-degree level. This project was started with in-built flexibilities by the Central Board of Secondary Education in 1979. After that in 1986, the National Policy on Education introduced an Open School System for students to experience open learning facilities at the secondary level. With NIOS Admission, students can enroll in an independent education system that has its curriculum and examination. After pursuing from NIOS, the student is provided with a certificate for completion of the course. Thereafter, the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Government of India joined hands to set up the National Open School (NOS) for students in school.

Advantages of NIOS

The NIOS learning concept allows students to continue education up to pre-degree level through this Open Learning System. This system has several advantages including:

  1. It helps in unifying the education system overall.
  2. It helps in providing greater equity and justice in society.
  3. It allows the evolution and expansion of the learning society.

Purpose of NIOS

The purpose of this open schooling system is to allow the student to pursue courses or programs through Open and Distance learning modes. It is commonly known as the ODL mode.

The NIOS system has opened NIOS Board Admission 2024 for 10th, and NIOS Board Admission 2024 for 12th for students who wish to enroll in this program.

The NIOS system offers an Open Basic Education program for students above 14 years of age, students who are studying in 3rd, 5thand 8th standards in the formal school system.  This system offers education relating to:

  • Secondary Education Course
  • Senior Secondary Education Course
  • Vocational Education Courses/Programs
  • Life Enrichment Programs

How Does NIOS Work?

NIOS works through a network of 5 departments, regional centres and accredited institutions in India and abroad. There are around 2.71 million students enrolled in this program at secondary, senior secondary and vocational levels. This program makes it the largest open schooling system in the world.

About Education and Career Counselling

ENCC is a platform offering independent guidance, support and training to educational entities. We focus on providing education consultation services and aim to satisfy students with our services. Our expert professionals are here to provide genuine guidance to every client.

Education Career and Counselling is providing NIOS Board Admission 2024 for students from any place in India and abroad.


  1. How can Education and Career Counselling help NIOS students in their careers?
    • ENCC is a platform that guides students based on their career goals and interests. We aim to offer insights into higher education opportunities and career paths for individuals.
  2. Who can benefit from NIOS?
    • NIOS is beneficial for students who want to study with a flexible learning schedule. It is an appropriate source of study for working professionals who wish to seek further education. This course aims to provide students with quality education and development skills to lead a good life.
  3. What resources are available for NIOS students?
    • NIOS provides various resources for students such as study materials, e-learning platforms, interactive sessions and online courses and programs.

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